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Loewen Group Mortgages Referral Reward Program

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SCISSORS CUT A PENNY? If you think that is amazing – wait until you see how we reward you & treat your referrals!


Your referrals mean the world to us & your support keeps small businesses like ours alive! So what is the Cutco Referral Reward Program?

At first glance this might seem like an unusual gift from a mortgage broker – but as you know, we are a little “different” and darn proud of it! We aim to provide our clients with exceptional service and your referral tells us that we are meeting this goal. This is a small gift of our BIG gratitude for your support.

We often say in Real Estate that the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home.’ One of my favourite pastimes is preparing a big meal for family and friends and I believe that brings people together. For these reasons and more, I value high quality tools in my kitchen. A good knife is an item that gets used daily and a necessity in any kitchen. I have been using Cutco knives for over 4 years now and will one day teach my daughter about the safety that comes with using a high quality sharp-knife over a dull knife. I even have the scars on my left finger to prove it 😉

Cutco, Loewen Group Burlington, Mortgage Broker Burlington, Mortgage Broker Hamilton, Cutco Knives, Sharp Brokers, Mortgage ReferralsI hope these high-end knives find good use in your kitchen. The 1st referral-recognition knife is the Santoku Style Trimmer, which is my “go-to” knife. From slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables to trimming the fat off meats, this knife is a versatile tool to have in your kitchen.


Spatula Spreader, Cutco, Loewen Group Burlington, Loewen Group Hamilton, Mortgage Broker Burlington, Mortgage Broker Hamilton, Referral Program, Sharp Brokers


The 2nd referral recognition knife is the Spatula Spreader – the perfect knife for any sandwich connoisseur. From spreading PB&J to creating the perfect crust less cucumber sandwiches for high tea this knife can do it all. It even has a flexible blade for slicing a piece of pie or lasagna and removing from the pan BETTER than a regular spatula.

Coming to you for your 3rd successful referral are the Super Shears, so sharp and powerful they can cut a penny into the rose as you can see from the video. Use them in the kitchen, garden & around the house and we promise you will never go back to using a normal pair of scissors ever again!

Santoku, Cutco, Burlington Mortgage, Burlington Mortgage Broker, Hamilton Mortgage Broker, Loewen Group Burlington, Loewen Group Hamilton, Sharp Brokers Burlington, Sharp Brokers HamiltonFor your 4th referral recognition knife we will be sending you the 5” Petite Santoku, the ideal knife designed specifically for smooth chopping, slicing and dicing. The ultra-sharp straight-edge blade & low tip are ideal for clean & intricate cutting & boning.

The 5th referral gift of gratitude we will share with you (we can’t share ALL the knives we are going to be sending you as we want to keep them a surprise) is the 7” Santoku. This chef inspired knife will allow you to expertly butterfly chicken & slice sushi. The wide blade also allows for the easy transfer of ingredients.

All Cutco products are backed by a Forever – Lifetime Guarantee (www.cutco.ca) just as the Loewen Group will always be keeping a ‘sharp eye’ on your finances, these knives will remain a ‘cut above’ for years to come.     

Every year as a thank you, I will have these and EVERY knife in your drawer sharpened for you as a reminder of how much I truly appreciate your support.

From our home to yours – THANK YOU for the continued support!



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