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Colour & Décor Trends for 2014

This week we have a special guest blogger – Sarah Broderick, Owner & Principal Designer from High Street Design
With the holidays behind us we’re officially back in the swing of things and looking for ways to survive our abnormally cold winter.  While looking forward to warmer weather, why not also look forward to spring renovations.  Here are some of the biggest trends in 2014 to get you excited about renovating your home:

Injecting Colour:  Pantone named its colour of 2014 Radiant Orchid – a bright purple departure from last year’s Emerald green.  Pastels are also making a comeback with colours like peach (a long-time enemy of decorators) taking center stage.  Benjamin Moore named it’s colour of the year a light, airy blue appropriately named Breath of Fresh Air marking a departure from our beloved gray towards soft tints of blue, green, lavender and dare I say it, even pink.  These soft, barely there pastels are being touted as the new neutrals.  Time will tell but it’s exciting to see a departure from our greige comfort zone (mine as well) even if it takes more than a year to truly catch on.

Monochromatic Rooms – Painted rooms with matching trim are hot this year and a big departure from the usual Cloud or Simply White accent colour we all know and love.  I like this trend because it emphasizes art work and statement pieces in a room.  Some rooms go so far as having the same colour sofa as walls, trim etc.  It’s a modern take on minimalism – especially when in an older home where trim is more traditional and classic – by creating a subtle but unique contrast in styles.

Circular Everything – From couches to bathtubs, circular furniture and a feeling of continuity in a space is predicted to be big in 2014.  As a lover of architectural, tailored spaces this is a big departure but a welcome one.  Asymmetry and fewer hard edges can make a room more comfortable but also more visually appealing to the eye.

Patterned Tiles – As a long-time lover of classic subway tiles this is another big departure.  Having recently traveled to Spain, I can see the appeal of this Moorish influence both underfoot or as a backsplash.  Combining this more traditional tile with simple, neutral, more modern cabinetry has a truly fun and eclectic look.  It takes mixing time periods and styles to a whole new level and can really pay off!

Lux Textures – Geometrics are big once again but in a more graphic art, modern sort of way.  Luxurious fabrics like velvet are making a comeback while clear, lucite furniture with gold or bronze accents continue to be strong choices over previous brushed or polished stainless steel finishes.  Light fixtures are also taking center stage as more sculptural and modern almost jewelry like options become more popular than traditional crystal chandeliers.

Removing Upper Cabinets – This remains a big trend in 2014 when it comes to kitchen renos.  Not only does it open a space in a restaurant style sort of way, it provides an opportunity to display beloved items on shelves and countertops.  What it doesn’t provide is additional storage so this isn’t a decision to be made lightly.  Although beautiful, I am firm believer it must also be practical to truly work in a space.

At the end of the day trends come and go and as a designer I always encourage home owners to invest in classic neutral pieces with some texture – especially when it comes to big ticket items.  This allows an injection of colour and trends through less expensive accessories or a bright paint colour like Benjamin Moore’s Breath of Fresh Air.

If you are interested in Sarah and her work you can check out her website here

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